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Makeup Musing: Bridal Foundation

Let’s talk BRIDAL FOUNDATION: Such an important topic to cover, especially as wedding season is upon us!! Everybody has their go to coverage for day to day and in the same respect, everyone has their own version of what natural is! Which as a makeup artist, is difficult to gage each individual’s preferences! So it’s my job to listen to what my brides’ typically wear and use that inspiration for their special day. However something that I always think is important to discuss with my brides is that our day to day makeup and coverage can not necessarily be the same as on your wedding day.

As a bride, it is entirely up to you regarding how much coverage you will wear on your wedding day. But a conversation that I always have to have with my brides is the following:

It's always a tricky thing for a bride who likes really minimal coverage to understand the importance of having slightly more coverage for your wedding day. As it is necessary for a makeup artist to add more than you’d normally wear in order for your skin to look as flawless as possible in photos. Let’s be honest, it is a dilemma most brides have, as you wouldn’t typically put makeup on to have photos taken day to day! So seeing yourself with more can seem strange and sometimes you’re not sure if you’re fully comfortable. Bridal makeup is a form of photographic makeup, so does require that bit more than day to day. But to me, that doesn’t mean one extreme to the other! My style is known for being and looking as natural as possible but with the necessary coverage for my clients to look their best and be as flawless as they possibly can. My advice would always be, to be honest with your makeup artist, but also be open minded and trust their professional opinion and the knowledge behind it.

My November bride (and friend)@becci_kempis a prime example of a bride who wears very minimal makeup day to day, however she put her trust in me to create a flawless, fresh and natural looking makeup, despite it being way more coverage than she is used to! The importance of bridal makeup is to translate into a natural look on camera despite the necessary coverage being there.


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