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Makeup Musing: Bridal trials

Let’s talk about BRIDAL TRIALS:

My bridal trial with Kate is the perfect example of a bride giving me a clear brief in order to create the perfect look for her. But as a bride, where do you even start if you don’t know what look you’re wanting?

My job as a makeup artist is to get to know you, your own personal makeup style, and preferences. After all, makeup application and product choices are preferences. A good makeup artist should be open to reflecting these preferences in a bride’s final look, but in order for this to happen open communication from the bride is key. Even if you have no clear vision of what you want your final look to be, it is very important to be clear about what you do and don’t like before even starting the application process. During every trial, my aim is to get to know my bride, their wedding plans and allow them to have comfortable, open communication with me so we can collaborate their ideas, with my expertise. I love it when I create a look based on a brief and upon seeing it come to life, a bride then gets excited by adding subtle changes based on their own preferences. This is the best kind of trial, it is never a negative to add your own ideas to guide me to create your final look. As a bridal makeup artist I am hired to give my knowledge, expertise and apply YOUR look, for you, professionally.


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